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GT Tea: Ginger Turmeric Spice Tea

GT Tea: Ginger Turmeric Spice Tea

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Turmeric is in the news. Its an anti inflammatory Spice. Ginger too is an anti-inflammatory, also known for helping digestion. Did you know that both Ginger and Turmeric are in the same family of roots as the Galangal root. I use all three of them in a blend that is just right. Turmeric does not get absorbed very well into the blood stream without a compound called Piperine that is a major component of black pepper. Rather than get the Piperine extract I put ground black pepper into the mix since its been my experience that the whole food is better for you. And to give the concoction some zing I added a bit of Cayenne pepper. Not too much but enough to wake you up and get you moving.

And now each gram of mix has 85mgs of Curcumin, the active ingredient in Turmeric. Most turmeric on the market only has 3mgs per gram so I sourced concentrated Curcumin to up the dose to a therapeutic level.  Most sites place this at 1mg per pound of body weight or two to three cups per day should suffice. Please note that anyone taking "Blood thinning" medication should NOT supplement with Turmeric or Curcumin since it can cause additional thinning. Please check with a doctor.

Make this tea with Boiling water. It can be made double strength and poured over Ice. Cold brew with double strength and left overnight, pour over ice.

The powders drop to the bottom of the cup like tea leaves and can be poured  away after use. 

For more control over how strong you make the mixture vary the amount from the measuring spoon. I use about half a level measuring spoon (~0.5 gram) for a teacup, a level spoon for a mug and multiple spoons in a tea pot depending on size. I generally add it to my black tea in the mornings and have it on its own for a caffeine free drink for afternoon tea and in the evening.

To cut the sting from the pepper add some creamer or fresh squeezed lemon juice. The peppers are alkaloids and the acid from the Milk or the juice will neutralizes them somewhat.

Update: If you take two to three cups of "Black Boarder" GT Tea during the day and then add a night cap in the evening, The curcumin can provide such a stimulating effect that it makes it hard to sleep. So Leo has brought back the original "Blue Boarder"  tea with only 8mgs per measure of Curcumin. This is great for late afternoon and evening drinking without such a stimulating effect.